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Bonjour Marcia Une joie incommensurable pour moi pour la découvert votre site. Thanks a lot endow unforgettable songs to the world. But this year, for personal reasons, your message of HOPE and FAITH are more important to me than ever. I hope that you and your fanmily will have many bright days, weeks, months and years in the future, all together. So many thanks to all the singers and Boney M crew for the beautiful moments I spent hearing your songs. It brings so much good memories I could die of happiness. Heute sehe ich alles anders und bin schon sehr traurig was aus Boney M geworden ist. Auch die sendung von carmen wo liz einen ehre bekommen hat und ein neuer song präsentiert hat song of joy wo sie sehr wenig gesungen hat. May God bless you with happiness, good health, love and all the best wishes!! I really liked that show of yours – thank you ever so much! I am 55 years old, but the hits of Boney M have been nowadays fantastic. Name: Loldspoopay City: Ligatne Sent: 09-Oct-2007 AM hi, good site Whish you good luck!

le groupe Boney M m'a émerveillé avec tant d'autres amis(es)lors des soirées dansantes en 1979 - 1981 quand nous étions à l' Universté. Das hat mich verletz,den nur die wahre Fans wiesen wer Boney M ist. Ich möchte Boney M so behalten wie in den 70 und 80er jahre bis zum ende war ich von euch begeistert.Über Frank farian möchte ich nicht sagen aber er war kein guter mensch. You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. *** Date: 9/25/2008, pm, EDT Name: Sandra Vos Email: [email protected]: 35 Dear Marcia , thanks to the internet I learn about you. I have only one question: Now I already know that Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter were performed by Sphinx, but in 1979 an LP was on me and I remember Boney M as the performer of it. 2008 – |Lisa|Hey Marcia…..remember me…I was on of the flieghtattendants who flew you and your husband to Germany ( LTU Miami -MUC Buisness Class) …I am the one with the strawberry blond hair.. Name: Phil X City: Colonia germany Sent: 25-Sep-2007 AM Misses marcia, You sooo fantastik !!!

I love Boney M songs so much and you were the symbol of Love among the members of Boney M. I love the message, as I do every year before Christmas. I would like you to know that you are loved and admired, and you are an Inspiration to the world, and all who loves you. For me the group was the begining in a new way and fresh music. The year was 1978 and I became crazy in love with Boney M. There isn't a word to describe the feeling I have when I listen to your voice. Marcia war meine favoriten, Ich habe heute mit 50 jahre alle von Boney M lps,singles,maxi s usw. Aber nein Boney M sind Marcia, Maizei,bobby,und liz. Do drop a line if you get tehchance ONE LOVE ian xx *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: Bonnie Email: [email protected]: 36 HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MARCIA!!! Thanks for all, for your voice, for your power, for your feeling, for all!!! You are a wonderful person who cares for her fans and that’s why I LOVE YOU sooooo much!!! Love, Betty Plunkett email: Betty [email protected]*** 9 Sep. Was it really you in Novoaltaisk, Russia, on September 27? I LIKE THE *** HAPPY SONG **** I FORGOT ABOUT THIS SONG, I’M FROM POLAND EASTERN EUROPE AND I HEARD HAPPY SONG IN POLAND FIRST TIME, NOW I LIVE IN EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA = I LIKE BONEY M. *** Date: 3/24/2008, pm, EDT Name: Gabor Meszlenyi Email: [email protected]: 9 Dear Marcia, Your voice and acting ability is marvellous. I just discovered your “River of Babylon” video from ’78 and it is inspiring. Are you planning on ever appearing in South Florida? I have all the best wishes for you and your family. Name: sam Sent: 10-Oct-2007 AM Hi marcia I JUST WANT TO SAY WE LOVE YOU MARCIA.

The best of the best boney m- is The version of josephine baker. *** Date: 8/22/2015, pm, EDT Name: jessica Number: 287 Boney m. What is bobby a good dancer in Daddy cool on stage. *** Date: 8/3/2015, pm, EDT Name: jenny kuup Number: 286 The singer of the coombay dance band said “boney m that is nothing!!!!! Producer did also produce Wann er schon in das geld swimmte!!!!!! You can have a look at it: from France, Ralph Name: Eduardo Arencibia City: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In fact, I am practicing the songs so that I may sing one day in my school…Thank you for the music. sorry for my mistakes…I can’t speak/write very good english… I am looking forward to hearing this album and I know it will be a favorite among me and my friends along with the New Boney M DVD that I bought this year.

Thanks awfully Marcia, your loving songs are simply the joy that nurtured my childhood. Iwas there at the pink ribbon concert in hyderabad and i should say you were BRILLIANT!! XX *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: Irina Email: [email protected]: 39 Dear Marcia, I am thinking of you today first thing in the morning. We try to reach you by the phone, but something wrong is there… Already since I’ve heard you my first LP Take The Heat Off Me! Regards Ronald Koster Name: POLARD Fabien City: France Sent: 14-Oct-2007 AM Dear Marcia, I miss you so, on the french TV show and on stages. The first thing I looked for your name and immediately went to your page on that site. I read few things and looked through few of your pictures.

I am much more honored today to be able to leave a few word to you personally and my eyes are feeled with tears. Kone [email protected]*** Date: 10/25/2008, am, EDT Name: lai[pd Email: [email protected]: 49 Heyyy!! “Survival is the only way and I’m going to push on through” You really are an inspiration. Willl we be able to continue to view your previous ones? Sent: 09-Jan-2008 PM Please dont stop recordin so we all your fans can continued enjoying your Giftead Voice. Name: Ronald Koster City: Gorinchem, The Netherlands Sent: 29-Dec-2007 AM Hello Mrs Barrett! You are a fantastic person and like your voice so much! Greatly Fabien Name: Bonnie City: Vancouver, Canada Sent: 14-Oct-2007 AM HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARCIA!!! LOVE, Name: ken legge City: iceberg ally , twillingate newfoundland canada Sent: 13-Oct-2007 PM love your web site and boney m music , you are simply the best. This gave me the idea to check out a famous website where I hoped to find Boney M songs. Later, I got on wikipedia to read more about Boney M.

I find last one the best soud- Hopely you get in the future a real solo. [email protected](lithuania) all the best for everybody *** 7 Apr. All the best for the future From a little Britt Jamaican gal Name: carlos City: spain Sent: 20-Jun-2007 PM Marcia, I agree with you in every word you´ve written in your last message. Name: Bozena City: Warsaw, Poland Sent: 13-Jun-2007 AM Hello Marcia, greetings from my beautiful country. Name: Manuel Ortiz Nuñez City: Blanes ( Spain ) Sent: 05-May-2007 AM Hello Marcia; On April 26 I had the chance to know yourself in person in Berlin.

Top hit like the one of diana worwick (with the beegees)your boney m. 2008 – |Mathew|Dear Marcia, you are a wonderfull women and artist. I really know that things find their place with time. You and your Band still have hot fans in Poland (do you remember great Sopot concert? Maybe for you i was only a fan, but for my it was a dream made true. Can you please let me know where I can buy all my favorite Boney M DVDs. Name: Samm De Lorenzo City: London, Ontario CANADA Sent: 25-Jan-2007 PM Hye there Marcia! Love , Samm Name: jorge Wilson Moreno Nogales City: Potosí _ Bolivia Sent: 19-Jan-2007 AM Hello Marcia.

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Cuban TV did an interview; it said they will do a documentary. Your life has got the divine touch, in itself it’s a testimony… Seit vielen (30) Jahren bin ich nun schon ein großer Fan von Dir und Deiner Musik.

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