Condition cam

Condition 4-5/E (useable but optics marked - should clean if dismantled, focus stiff), finder 5/E, rear cap 5-6/- (broken where finder attaches).

Rare lens Nikkor-T 10.5cm f4, F mount rear cap & hood. Rare 'rangefinder' lens in F mount, introduced in March 1960.

Condition, body: 5-6/G (slow speeds too fast, some damage to body covering on front), lens: 5/E (some internal dust, focus slightly loose), finder 4/D. June-September 1965 Nikon F Photomic FTn, chrome 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S cap.

Condition 5/G (meter faulty - battery compartment cover stuck, minor dust in optics - will have no noticeable effect on pictures). February-March 1969 Nikkor-O 2.1cm f4 for F caps & 2nd type finder.

Approximately 3,100 manufactured, including the rangefinder mount version Nikon 25mm f1.4 Cine-Nikkor, C-mount.

Condition 4-5/D (minor indentation on filter thread - filters screw in easily).

Agfa Automatic 66, 75mm f3.5 Color-Solinar, coupled-rangefinder, built-in meter case.

Condition 4/D (dust in optics - will have no noticeable effect on pictures).

Manning Park Manning Park, 10 km east of Allison Pass looking east.

Paulson Summit Hwy3, about 3 km east of Paulson Summit, looking west.. Great Bear Snowshed Great Bear Snowshed looking north..

Coquihalla Summit Zopkios, near the Coquihalla Summit looking south.

Anarchist Summit Anarchist Summit, east of Osoyoos, looking east.. Kootenay Pass Salmo Creston Highway Summit, looking east..

Christina Lake East side of Christina Lake at East Lake Drive, looking northwest on Hwy 3. Yahk Weigh Scale Hwy 3 at Hwy 95, Yahk Weigh Scale, looking north-east.

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The Mackinac Bridge Authority is monitoring wind speeds at various points along the structure.

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