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Sometimes paying more is a good idea, especially if it means you can make out the registration plate of the car that crashed into you and drove off.You can get a decent dash cam with GPS for around £70-100, but you'll pay more if you want extra features, and even more if you want a rear camera as well as front.However, transferring video over Wi-Fi can be painfully slow, and the videos trapped within the app and not easily sharable.Often, it's much easier to remove the micro SD card (or even the dash cam from the car) and transfer the files to a laptop or PC.We also found that when the battery runs flat, it loses the time and date so you have to set it again.

Most cameras don't include any storage, so you'll need to buy some. Many dash cams are limited to 32GB cards because they don't support SDXC, so check before buying a larger card.Most models come with a small battery that allows it to finish saving a file when you turn off the ignition.It can also run for a few minutes so you can take photos as more evidence if you have a collision.The G-sensor detects impacts and - usually - locks the recorded video to prevent it being deleted.All dedicated dash cams have one, but action cameras generally don't.

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Dash cams record video while you're driving so you have evidence if anything happens.

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