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development AND PLANNING DEPARTMENT Town and Comfiy Planning NOTIFICATIONS 1915°’ C.

— llie Governor is pleased to accept the Satyendra ‘^Na S Chakraborty, Assistant Engineer of the Calcutta Organisation with effect from the date on which he makes over c^ge. A.) Department’ for appointment as Assistant Secretary in the Com- OTd OTs Industries Department until further By order of the Governor, M.

now Superintendent, Berham- pore Central Jail, under rule 169(a Xi) the West Bengal .

— 28th November 1973.— The Gover- nor is pleased to grant earned leave for forty-six days with effect from 13th May 1973 to 27th June 1973 to Shri Bimal Jyoti Das.

A./ sfe/TS;— 7th * January 1074.— exeroise of t Witf^er oonf erred by'.

— 24th November )73.— The Governor has been pleased to sanction imed leave in favour of Shri Arun Kanti Roy, Deputy Controller of Civil Defence, alcutta, for the period from the 11th December )73 to the 31st December 1973 (both days inclu* ve).

) CONTENTS; I-r Ord«ti and Notifioationi by the mor of West Beagali ilie Ooort, msient Treasury, eto« l A— and Notifioations ef tbe ntnent of Indiaj; Statutory Notifioalaoni iia Btaotion Odminisaion, India, and JSeotbn Noti Aoationa pnb Uibed for u isiortnation.

O^rs and Notifi- W baiye imblidied ► ^^Qaiette of repu Wiriied Ko Mm .mtrodootd ia th« W« Ij Mn Ur: Be Dorta* Sel^ Ounmittc M pmantad or tobou li S ***** ; «id Wi’iif .

120-O, A./3P.165/73Pt.-8th January 1974 In this Department’s Notification No. A., dated 11th December 1973 “Special Superintendent of Police* 0^** Cell” in place of '•Saperintend M.t ^’po H™’? parati On of J'ud^ial and Executive Functions i 1970 (l^est Bengal Act 8 of 1970), the ivemo T is pleased hereby to appoint the person named in column (1) of the Schedule below to be Executive Magistrate of the First Class in the district of Murshidabad and to define in the corresponding entries in column (2) of the said Schedule the local areas within which he shall ordinarily exercise his powers under the said Code: nio Schcdide Name. Sub-Deputy Collector- i By order of the Governor, B K. Bub-section of' section 12' di ihe Code of Criminal Fro* lure, 1886 (Act /V of 1898), as amended in its plication to West Bengal by the West Bei^l. Baha, Sub*Deputy Magistrate and Entire Jangip-ur subdivision. — In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (4) of section 110 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939 (Act 4 of 1939), the Governor is pleased hereby to make the fdlowing amendment in this Department notification No. A.) Department in pursuance of their Notification No.

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