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On a walkabout at a technology event in New York recently, William confessed: ‘George has been playing i Pad games and loves them.’When those comments were reported, what surprised me was the absence of a slightest whisper of concern that a toddler, who hasn’t yet mastered language, has been so exposed to technology he already has favourite computer games. Instead of traditional playthings like train sets and dolls, computer tablets are fast becoming children’s favourite toys, and many parents see nothing wrong with it.

These days more babies than ever are being entertained with these devices.

A poll by parenting website uk found that half of parents routinely allow infants to play with their i Phone or tablet.

One in seven allow their tot to spend more than four hours a day playing with them.

is adequate in my Apple-only family for just tracking the wife’s and my mobile devices; and the desktop Sosumi app is certainly handy to have around – but Life 360 certainly offers a lot more functionality for family safety.

Stay tuned for a full review of the advanced features, or download it now to try it out yourself.

– both my wife and I use it to log into each others accounts and figure out when we’re coming home, or where we are when trying to meet up in town. Find My i Phone is perfect for when your after it was stolen from her workplace.

There is the i Potty, which allows toddlers to play on their i Pads during potty training.Though written off by most i Phone users as a bonus Apple app that no one uses, Find My Friends [i Tunes link] allows you to track multiple people effectively once you’re in their circle of trust.You needn’t access each others accounts; on the downside, it’s easy for users to disable tracking so it might not be what you’re looking for in a family situation.One handy function not offered elsewhere though is some additional status information displayed for each device – notably the device type, charging status, and battery level.I’ll be doing a full review of the Life 360 free app and all its advanced features next time, but in terms of basic family member tracking, this is an excellent (did I mention free? In addition, it can run on both Android and i Phone devices – that alone might be the deciding factor for you. One thing to consider is that the app needs location services to be permanently enabled which may drain the battery life significantly.

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