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Art video production started in the early eighties in the BBS Studio.At this time here has been no foreshadowing of the communication revolution or networking practices.

As much as we wanted to dig deep, we soon realized that Norway might only be a Scandinavian fling for us.The hiatus of the war years were followed in the fifties by a rediscovery of the "Bauhaus" concepts.On the surface, the themes between the sixties and the thirties seem distant from each other, however, through the work of certain individuals (beneath the turbulent public events) a continuum is observable.For example, Miklos Erdely, a leading avant garde multidisciplinary artist - and by his own admission an "aesthetic catalyst"- whose work extended to experimental films and videos, revived particular trends initiated by Lajos Kassak a seminal figure of the thirties.In the seventies, the slowly slackening political structure and the expanding borders contributed to an opening towards new artistic expressions.

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"What the web means today - said Peternak - seemed like a futuristic sci-fi story".

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