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Well, a fateful interview the “Slow Hands” singer did with Irish radio station according to star.There’s nothing wild to be said about that since tons of actors and musicians confess their celeb crushes all the time, but soon after that interview went viral – Lily followed Niall on Instagram and fans of course took notice.Ten years later, her celebrity judge Johnny (Jake Gyllenhaal) crowns the winning pig as Okja, raised in the Korean mountains by teen Mija (An Seo Hyun) and her grandfather (Byun Heebong).

Not only has it sparked a debate about Netflix-produced films that people want to see in cinemas, but it's also a story with huge political resonances laced through its premise.

This could be a case where they both think the other is cute but perhaps only go as far as showing their love on Instagram, or it could turn into something much more down the road.

We’ll just have to wait, see, and hope that Niall and Lily will end up going on a super secret date together some time in the future.

The 66-year-old Oscar winner divorced Lily's mother Jill Tavelman in 1996 following a 12-year marriage, and he later dedicated his 1999 song You'll Be In My Heart to his princess.

Could some major sparks be in the cards for Niall Horan and actress, Lily Collins? Okay, so how did this whole Niall and Lily thing even begin?

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Two days after fooling fans with a blonde selfie, brunette Lily Collins revealed it was only a wig as she took a stroll through West Hollywood on Saturday.

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