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Initially I did individual foods like only apple or only pear but as time went on I mixed a few eg.

broccoli & cauliflower or potato and sweet potatoe or I would make a complete casserole using lamb or chicken.

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You can pretty much try any veggie and most fruit, just have a walk around the supermarket and grab some different stuff to try, just stay away from the berries for now My DS is 7months old tomorrow.

He has been on this routine for the last week or so.7am - Breastfeed7.30am - 1 weetbix with formula9.00am - Sleep11.00am - Bottle1pm - Fruit and Ricotta or Yogurt2/3pm - Breastfeed then Sleep 5pm - Vegies w/ chicken or creamed corn5.30pm Bath6pm - Breastfeed hi there,we are following a similar pattern to you.

After reading what other people doing I'm not feeling so anxious about the amount of milk DD is getting (at nearly 8 months).

It's hard to do the 3 recommended meals a day as well as the 4 recommended bottles No way would DD eat that do: yoghurt with farex (she doesn't cope well with the 'constipation foods' ie.

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