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That day, asked Clint Myers if there had ever been a Title IX investigation into Corey Myers."I'm not sure why you're asking that," Clint Myers said.Honoring the student-athletes requests for privacy while taking necessary disciplinary action is not an easy line to walk when the media asks legitimate questions, but we did the right things at the right time for the right reasons."At all times, Auburn University will protect its students, obey privacy laws, and deal with anyone on staff who violates our high standards." Greenberg, Clint Myers and Corey Myers did not respond to messages from on Saturday."I just stopped and called my mom afterwards, 'Like this is really weird, I don't know what to do.' She said, 'Don't say anything to anyone,' because I could have gotten in trouble. "People are so scared to come out because they think that nothing's going to come about it because of who (the Myers') are.Because me coming out about a coach being inappropriate, especially the Myers, I probably could've gotten kicked off. People are just scared that they're going to get in trouble because at the end of the day (Clint Myers) is going to have Corey's back; it's his son." Bass said she was "not welcome back to play" after the 2016 season and is now at Louisville.

I appreciate him being willing to say, 'You know what, I can't keep doing both of these.Screenshots of messages to former infielder Blaire Bass from a sender identified as Corey Myers came after team photos were taken in Sept. "Your (sic) okay 7 maybe" Myers wrote in one message to Bass in reference to one of the photos."I didn't entertain it," said Bass, who initially requested anonymity but agreed to let use her name on Saturday.Those messages were then presented to Clint Myers, according to the complaint, on March 30 and Corey Myers resigned.Several players refused to board the team's bus to go to Georgia that night with the player involved in the messages with Corey Myers.

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However, that lasted just two weeks after Clint Myers and another coach "asked select members of the team to 'go fight for Corey' with the athletic department," Fagan told ESPN.

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