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Yes, I may be a bit biased towards Isadora, and no disrespect to Angie, but anyone can see you didn't play fair with the results.WK Hello the points system is used only in each round to find first second third places of each round .However I agree with you Isadora deserve more the second place than Angelina . They clearly could only make Sellena the winner in 1st place, given the results, but placing Angie 2nd, and Isadora 3rd is bullshit. Using the scoring system of 3pts for 1st, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd, Sellena gets 16points and is the clear winner.

Start off passionate kissing, you know when its really intense lovemaking?

These days you can see me right here on my site getting very naughty on cam, or just getting filthy on the phone.

Dear friends, we of the various forums we should not rejoice at the end of Sexysat and Eurotic TV, I am very sorry and one of the points of discussion this year now spent is just that, our administrators are certainly aware of this problem that It must be addressed since also Liveshow TV and not only lost importantly. and asked me for money to send me pics and videos!! she also sent me this picture: [Verstecktes Bild - Registrierung notwendig] Just posted this to the etv wall.

I'm Sahara Knite, a British Indian adult performer who also works as a Masseuse, Mistress, Session Wrestler, Live webcammer and chat host. I started out, working on the various sky call in channels that were around at the time such as Babestation, Live XXX, Sport and TVX.

From there I transitioned over to doing Solo girl, G/G and eventually moved onto doing B/G.

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