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Sir Cutie Yuki is the hidden main antagonist in Yandere high school and a posthumous antagonist in Tokyo soul.

She is a student at Akademi high, a serial killer, daughter of the yakuza and Sams ex-girlfriend.

After Sam and Taurtis dump her at prom, her true psychopathic nature is revealed as she chases Sam through the city.

After her father finds out, he forces Sam to date her.

Along with the fan arts of the series on her Twitter page, she is shown to have sharp teeth and almost always smiling.

When not at school, she wears a pink striped t-shirt, which is also her avatar on You Tube and Minecraft.

Unfortunately, after sudden events, she grew angry, snapping at Sam and pulling a knife out on him.By the end of season 1, She is the leader of the Yakuza, as stated by Karu, her father, before his death at the hands of Paul Blart, Sam and Grian.Later, after a fight with the Yakuzas and Yuki against Sam, Taurtis, Grian, Okami, Silly and Dom, she refused to admit defeat and jumped off the roof of the school to her death.However, this ended when she found that Taurtis went with Chan to the prom.It was revealed in the final episode that Yuki had a crush on Taurtis from the very start of the series.

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Also, Sam and Yuki has something in common: insanity, because, when Sam snapped at Grian, she tried to help him too.

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