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But, the sudden death of her father, the endless dispute and killings in jianghu, and the revelation of her identity… She is no longer the weak girl who would cry for love, who needed to be sheltered.

To protect those she loves and the good of the martial arts world, she enters the blazing fire and overcomes all obstacles.

At the time, she wrote on her social media accounts: “ He added that the couple has no plans to hold a wedding reception at the moment.The marriage announcement apparently caught Chou’s agent off guard as she had to call him from Paris to confirm the news.He was quoted as saying: “ Chou, 34, and Vic, 28, met on the set of the 2009 Taiwanese crime drama, “Black & White”.Like Us on Facebook The 38-year-old actor seem to have been caught off guard with the question.Prior to being grilled about Lin, he has responded a simple "yes" when asked if he would want to find a girlfriend soon.

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